Artist and Studio Hours

Although hours vary, artists generally have open studio hours Fridays and Saturdays from 11A – 5P. Please visit our artists’ profiles below for studio hours or to contact an artist for an appointment.


Randy Shull, Co-founder and Creative Director of Pink Dog Creative


William Henry Price


Sam Reynolds

Hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 10A – 5P and by appointment.
Sam Reynolds:

Works of Sam Reynolds have been collected by the NCSU library as a collection of original landscape architecture drawings, images and memorabilia entitled the Reynolds & Jewell Landscape Architecture Drawings. This collection “…helps us understand and document modernist landscape architecture design in North Carolina and surrounding states.”


Holly de Saillan


Patricia L. Philips


Larry Turner


Karen Keil Brown

Ethereal Landscapes
Pink Dog Creative #160
Studio hours vary. Please call or email Karen for an appointment.


Andrea Kulish

Studio A
Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 1P – 5P, Friday & Saturday 11A – 5P
plus random bonus hours & by appointment

Handmade lamps, custom shades + repair, Ukrainian pysanky eggs, handmade paper, woodblock prints, silkscreened designs, jewelry by Skrapmonkey, greeting cards, mixed media artwork + graphic design


Julia Goldthwaite

The Paintbox
Presented by Studio 9.29.12
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 2P – 9P

In all I create, certain things seem to show up: A love of antiques and history; A breaking away as well as a desire to hold on; A curiosity of how things are made from the inside out; and the joy of experiencing how things feel to the touch.


Mark Goldthwaite

The Paintbox
Presented by Studio 9.29.12
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 2P – 9P

As and artist, I often walk a fine line between the depiction of objects in their natural habitat, and my decorative concerns. Objects that surround us in our daily lives such as furniture, buildings, and animals, should be composed not copied.

My work sometimes resembles sculpture, but is always functional. The textures revealed consist of painting and repainting, building layers of age, sometimes utilizing the existing decay of nature. Then a final layer of antiquing seals them together visually. Consider my work the “antiques of the future”; they’re built to last.


Reiko Miyagi

Studio Tabula Rasa

Functional and decorative stoneware, enamel jewelry and encaustic collage.


Lynn Blass


Stephanie Grimes
Hours: Monday & Tuesday 12:30P – 4:30P, Friday & Saturday 12P – 5P

Featuring animal art in scratchboard, pen and ink, pastels, and clay. Animal prints and pet notecards.


Richard Baker

Richard Baker’s art pays homage to the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Carolinas in the same way that works of the Hudson River School movement captured the pastoral wilderness of America in the mid-nineteenth century. A disciple of this movement, Baker produces landscapes in oil that are studies in realistic detail and radiant light. It has been said of Baker that he keeps foremost in his mind a sense of where the sun is as he paints.

As self-taught artist, Richard is prolific painter. He is at home with painting in oils, acrylics, watercolors and graphite. He depicts the mountains he knows and loves, as well as doing portraits, figurative work and commissioned pieces. His work continues to evolve stylistically and to increase in value among collectors of fine art.


Viola Spells


Patti Anastasi

Featuring acrylic/mixed media classic-style portraits with an eccentric edge.


Jennifer Kincaid

A native and resident of North Carolina, Jennifer has been a professional visual and ceramic artist for more than twenty years. She has twice been a recipient of the North Carolina Arts Council and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Arts And Science Council Artist Project Grant and is a past Affiliate Artist of the McColl Center for Visual Arts. Her exhibits include the American Craft Council Shows, the SECCA, Blue Spiral Gallery and many other juried and invitational exhibits. Her work is in public and many private and corporate collections. Jennifer’s art is included in Lark Books’ 500 Plates and Chargers.

My current clay art includes writings and drawings in hand built bowls, wall tiles and sculptures. Starting as a painter, I began working in clay and found satisfaction working in sculptural forms and layered surfaces. I work with clay, canvas, and paper. Concepts include spontaneous musings in clay, the movement of time symbolized by life animation, and the psychological intrigue of forms and shadows.


Joseph A. Pearson

Inspired by the subject matter that unites our humanity, I am interested in telling the story of the “Everyman,” painting people as portraits and figures in oil, charcoal, and pastel pencil. The source of my inspiration derives from numerous directions, including scenes from the streets, issues in the news, and subject matter I have read about regarding current social trends. My present body of work addresses the universal use of social media in public and private settings. My work embraces the concept of social realism by drawing attention to everyday conditions.


Christie Calaycay

calaycay design ~ handcrafted jewelry

Pink Dog Creative
344 Depot St. Suite 100 in Studio A
Asheville, NC 28801

Christie’s work is inspired by the graceful quality of nature paying close attention to the patterns and structures it contains. These aspects combined with clean lines, texture and tone framed in a modern simplicity create intricate yet subtle designs. All pieces are entirely by hand, from first sketch through final craftsmanship. Various metals are combined in order to emphasize organic qualities and natural appearance. In a sense my jewelry is meant to ground and connect the wearer to nature and the environment.

Custom designs are available. Christie will be in Studio A, 344 Depot, Suite 100 and will be open Monday – Saturday, 10A – 4P and by appointment.


Leene Hermann

Seven years ago a good friend who is a mosaic artist asked if I’d like to try doing mosaics with her. I found that I had a flair for it and fell in love. I’ve done several community projects since then and have been in a number of shows in Michigan. My passion for mosaics led me into thrift shops and second-hand stores looking for new things to mosaic. I especially love doing mannequins and 3 dimensional work. After living in the same house in Michigan for 35 years, I discovered the magic of Asheville in 2015 and this is now my permanent home.

Leene’s Glassworks
348 Depot Street


Stephen St. Claire 

I was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles, California, and graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I have worked with oil paint since I was a child and as an adult have continued exploring different facets of art and design.

I grew up painting mostly landscapes and still life, but somewhere around 2001, I began painting on metallic leaf, and a new painting genre was born. Since the early days, I have done a lot of experimentation, discovering what the medium will and will not do (and how to make it do what I want it to do), and my work has morphed and evolved. What began as strictly abstract work on a flat substrate gradually became more “scenic” and now I do mostly full-blown reflective abstracts and landscapes, sculpting the composition onto the canvas with several layers of modeling compound and gesso, then covering the entire surface with Italian aluminum leaf.

I call my technique Dialuminism (”light passing through”) because light reflects off the metal background layer, passes through the layers of paint and then is refracted by the layers of solar resistant resin (which acts as a clear lens, fused to the surface of the painting). The result is a painting that is basically back-lit, which creates very intense color and contrast. Light plays off some areas and casts shadows beneath others, creating a dimensional painting that changes in appearance depending upon where the viewer is standing in relation to the light source.

St.Claire Art
Suite #104


Jaime Lawrence

Sew What? by Jaime
Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Saturday, 12:00 – 5:00 pm

Hours can be flexible, so call 662.202.5970 for an appointment.


Deanna Chilian

Originally from New Jersey, Deanna Chilian arrived in Asheville in 2012 after living in Colorado for fifteen years. While her artistic promise was recognized in her youth and nurtured in adulthood through mentorship, she moved through careers in law, land conservation and teaching movement, collecting life experiences which inform her work as a professional artist. Inspired by nature, human movement, great artists like O’Keeffe, Frankenthaler, Mitchell and Kandinsky, and her love for the works of Brian Rutenberg and Wolf Kahn, Deanna takes us on a journey of the spirit and intellect using abstract expressionism as the vehicle.
phone: 720-496-5001


Julie Miles

Loving to tell stories in many ways, Julie’s work holds a wide range: from a hopeful revival of the gems to be garnered from the rural way of life, to abstract pieces that inspire dialogue about our inter-relatedness, to quiet stories of the wind.